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How To Order Stage Curtains

Some things to consider when ordering your new or replacement stage curtains are:

What pieces are needed? Valances, front curtain, rear curtain, sides/legs, border/teaser, mid-stage traveler, tormentor, etc.

What kind of fabric is required? We work with a variety of fabric suppliers to provide you with the perfect material for your application, including such names as KM Fabrics, JB Martin, Rose Brand, Frankel, and others.  For additional information on just some of the available fabric choices, click here. If you do not see what you need, contact us with information about your requirements to discuss additional available products.

Do you want full or flat curtains? Be sure to let us know how much fullness to add to your curtains.  We’ll sew box pleats at 12” centers across the top hem of your curtain, sized to include the amount of fullness you desire.  50% is customary for most standard applications, with 60%, 75%, and 100% also utilized regularly throughout the industry.  Curtains can also be sewn with 0% fullness- to be hung flat, or increased in size so you can gather the flat drape into gentle ripples instead of pleats.  Austrian Curtains, Tab Curtains, and Venetian Contour Curtains are available options as well.  Specialty pleats such as Pinch Pleats, Knife Pleats, and Shirring are available upon request.

Do you need a liner? Some applications require lining to block light or cover the back of the drape in areas where it will be seen.  There are several fabrics that can be used to line your curtain, either in black, white, grey, or the same color as your drapery.  Click here for more information on the various lining materials available.

What color(s) do you need?  KM Fabrics’ color chart is available to review *here.  Feel free to contact us for sample(s) or color charts for fabrics by JB Martin and others. Custom colors are also available- just send us a sample of the color you need to match and we can have the material custom dyed for you.  Due to the nature of the dying process, colors vary slightly from dye-lot to dye-lot, so if you have a color or fabric sample you need matched exactly, be sure to send us a sample and include instructions regarding your request.

*Please keep in mind all computer monitors are not the same and colors may differ slightly from electronic color chart.

How are the curtains to hang? We carry a full line of H&H Specialties stage curtain tracks and accessories, and also provide other suppliers such as Hall Track or ADC Track upon request.  A variety of sizes and configurations are available- click here for a brief description of available products.  Please contact us with questions regarding track requirements and to request additional/ more detailed product information.

To make easier for you we have a created a quote form that will walk you through the process. Please feel free to contact us for clarification and help.




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